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- TMJ (Temporo Mandabular Joint)

Millions of people have suffered from the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.  Among them patients report chronic headache, difficulty opening mouth and ‘clicking’ sounds.  At the same time lots of people also have experienced bruxism (grinding teeth when sleeping).  Who do you look for treatments when you have TMJ issue?  Nowadays so many people get the information from web-sites.  What are your results of searching? Dentists? Acupuncture? or What else?  The more you search for TMJ treatment options the more disappoints you may have.

When you get consultation with dentists they suggest jaw movement education, x-ray taking, night guard, and/or referral to oral surgeons.

When you see oral surgeons you will be very surprised due to expensive costs, and surgical procedures.  After you accept big sacrifices if your TMJ issue will be resolved clearly it may be worth.  However, there is no 100% guarantee and the surgical procedure is non-reversible damages.

When you see acupuncturist, they will do acupuncture needling on your face.  Feels like your TMJ pain relieves at that moment.  However, many people feel recurrent pain and discomfort due to misalignments of TMJ.  TMJ is a joint’s problem.  Acupuncture needling can not restore joint misalignments. The treatment is for muscle treatment, not joints.  Of course TMJ can be caused by muscle conditions.  If your TMJ is due to the muscle issue acupuncture treatments may work for you.

And then, what can you consider for TMJ treatment then?  As I mentioned above TMJ pain is closely related to joint misalignments. Some of you have got chiropractic treatments. They insert their fingers into your mouth and rub muscles near your molar teeth.  It is very uncomfortable with vomiting sensation (I do not rub your muscles. Do not worry about it!).

These are various treatments that many patients have experienced.

However, do not be disappointed it. I do have actual solutions for TMJ patients. My treatments have provided instant outcomes such as no headache, no treatment pain, and no or less clicking sound.  You can open your mouth widely and freely instantly after my treatments.  It is non-invasive and non-surgical procedure with cost effective comparing to oral surgery.  Even if your TMJ is fixed on the same day, it may go back again.  We do repeat treatments a couple of times if needed.  After I fix your TMJ position by my chiropractic treatment I encourage and advise you to see a dentist.  Ask your dentist to order ‘night guard’ to keep the TMJ in its proper position.  At least you need to utilize night guard for one year with jaw exercises.  If you have night guard without joint fixation it may make your TMJ condition worse.

My suggestion is that if you are TMJ and/or pseudo-TMJ patients (mild TMJ dysfunction), adjust your TMJ position first. 

If your condition is also involved with muscles acupuncture treatment and/or Botox injection is considered, and then utilize your own night guard along with jaw exercises.  I strongly believe that it is a right procedure to fix your TMJ problem without any damages based upon my clinical experiences for 18 years. If all of these treatments are not working for you, and then consider having an oral surgery.

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